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How It Works

AR beards applied instantly on your face! Pick a beard and see how cool you'd be with that moustache you always wanted ... or maybe not.
And then use AR guidelines to learn how to grow and maintain it yourself!



Choose your AR beard

Choose among lots of photorealistic AR beards (by swiping) and apply them on your face in real time. Don’t worry, we’ll recognise your existing beard (if you have one) so that you can see yourself as if you don’t have it (yes, there’s cool tech involved).

Then customise it in real time (using sliders) to look even cooler. Once you’ve turned yourself into a viking, you’ll be able to share your manliness with friends - or even better, you can learn how to get the look you didn’t know you wanted.


Grow and maintain your beard

We’ll give you a step-by-step guide to get the beard of your dreams. The specific steps will vary depending on your existing beard, and you will have coloured and animated markers to make the process extremely easy - and hands-free.

We’ll also share with you many tips and how-to videos to learn cool things and improve your shaving technique. And if you ever need the right products to impress the world with your beard, we’ve got you covered.

The Tech Behind It

We employ state-of-the-art AR and ML technologies, including Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), in order to achieve convincing facial hair and skin (as opposed to cartoonish ones) and provide you with the ultimate grooming experience.

Image Segmentation & AR


Facial features are recognised using image-based segmentation. This feature has already been used in our previous faceStylr and Unshave apps to even extract the user’s existing facial hair (see Gif) and in Shavely this works at even higher quality and fps.

Not only we’re able to understand the extracted beard characteristics (shape, colour, density, thickness) and change the overall experience accordingly, but we can also gather all kinds of useful data - such as skin colour and texture.

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Skin recreation

Skin is effectively “recreated” on the user’s face where existing facial hair is hidden. This is achieved using data processed in real time from the video stream. GANs are being explored in order to allow for a drastically better result than using other technologies.

Accuracy and stability

We are able to allow our users to really feel like they have a different beard on them. Accuracy is fundamental to achieve this, but it becomes of critical importance in the step-by-step shaving guidelines in augmented reality. We rely on professional face tracking SDK in order to allow for the highest degree of accuracy at low latency.


The Team


Ina Yosun Chang

Yosun is a San Francisco-based entrepreneurial AR developer who built software that has won TechCrunch Grand Disrupt Hackathon Prize twice and many other contests, from AT&T to Microsoft to Warner Brothers. Her 20+ year experience includes Google X, Snap, Uber and more.


Jacopo Ranalli

Jacopo is a London and Milan-based serial entrepreneur and industrial engineer with experience at Imperial College of London. He is a lean startup consultant, book author and speaker on innovative technologies. He is also founder of Aircut, an AR app aimed at creating a new hairdressing experience.


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